1990 my husband and our children wanted our family to have a dog. A poodle was the obvious choice since both me and my husband  grew up with poodles. Our first bitch we bought as a compagnion dog and playmate to our children. My interest for obidience and trial started and after some years of training and competition with my dog I studied to be an instuctur. Under the following years I worked as instructor and educationsleader in the local club.

As time went by I discovered that my bitch Calie's Child of a Cadillac "Ruffa" on top of beeing a great compaignon and trial dog was very good looking. My interest for show and breeding took more and more of my time and is my interest ever since.


Canine education

Education by the Swedish Kennelclub: Anatomi, Genetic, Juridical, Breedingstrategy, Color genetics, Mating/whelping, Breeding strategi, Puppy behavior, Nutrition, Handling, Obedience, Exterior, Movement and exterior analysis, Epidemiologi and Healtheducation.

Since many years back I have the diplomas required by the Swedish Kennelclub Breeders education.

Poodle Club

For some years I was a member of the Swedish Poodle Club board, south department, and have also for many years been one of six elected delegates to represent south dep. at the yearly council of the Swedish Poodleclub


I'm an instructor in obedience and worked for many years to educate owners and their dogs.