Add made by Anders Rosell, kennel Avatar


Avatar Concord "Malte"

Nordic and International  Champion



This is Malte's Champion offspring:



Multi CH Curonian Spit A Capella Di Vincenza

US CH Kristlyn & Posh It´s Allmine

US CH Rosebar Swedish Connection

US CH Paradigm´s Foreign Affair

SE CH Party-Line´s Afro-Dite


US CH Avion Concord SST

US, CA CH Avion Concordia

US, CA CH Avion Dawin Ready For Takeoff


US,  CA CH Dawin Spitfire

US, CA CH Dawin The Aviator

CA CH Dawin Victory Flight4

US, CA CH Dawin Kitty Hawk

FI, EE, CIB CH Lapponias Gaskasalga

FI CH Lapponias Gristalla

FI, EE CH Lapponias Guru


NO CH Bastienne Mirelle

NO CH Bastienne Constance


SE CH Wirothi´s Payback Hallifax

NO CH Wirothi´s Party Lover


FI, INT CH Ch Escort Yoel  Le Noir

UK CH Escorts Yoanne la Noir

US CH Escorts Yannik La Noir


US CH Dawin The Aviator

US CH Dawin Kitty Hawk

US CH Dawin Spitfire


SE CH Hallifax Zolange

Nord CH Hallifax Feebee You To Ankaru

US CH Hallifax Zorn At Barbican


US, AU CH Cotian Style And Splash

AU CH Cotian Splish Spalsh


US CH Barbican Concordia

US CH Barbican Filagree Future

US CH Barbican D´lor Midnight Sun

US CH Barbican Swedish Nightingale


SE CH Annwick Avatar Chantelle

FI, Nordic CH Annwick Avatar Chausaonair


US CH Bar-None Ready Set Go

US CH Bar-None Go For Broke

US CH Bar-None Dawin Ahead Of The game

US CH Bar-None Dawin Go Get Ém

US CH Bar-None Judge Go To Guy

US CH Bar-None Good To Go

US, CA CH Bar-None Dawin Ahead of the Game