Me and "Majken" Hallifax  Zolange


A poodle is a                      

We have been breeding black and white standard poodles under the prefix Hallifax since 1992. Hallifax is a small family breeder and we breed about once a year. We are breeding top quality Standard Poodles both show dogs and companion dogs. It is our goal that every show dog is also a nice companion dog and a dear family member. We plan our breedings carefully and try to do our very best by breeding only good quality healthy dogs, with good temperaments that are also good examles of the breed. Poodle is an intelligent and active breed that can be used in many different dog sports. They like to work and to relax in the family sofa. It´s a lot to consider when breeding. As a breeder the attitude is essential. A poodle should be "poodley". To me that means a happy, curious, friendly and confident dog who moves with elegance and head held high. When you see it you recognize it.