The Poodle is an active, intelligent and playful breed. They like to be around where things happen and love to run, jump and play with dogs and people, they enjoy their daily walks and are also easy to train for trial, obediance, agility and all sorts of activities including retrieving and hunting. 

A dog is life long companion. To raise a puppy requires a lot of time and effort. Play with your dog give it lots of love and adequate training and you will enjoy the benefits of a well behaved and affectionate dog.                                                 

We try to find good homes for our puppies and provide continuing support for our puppy purchasers as long as needed.                                  


Puppies are not avaliable until 8 weeks of age , complying to the Swedish kennel Club rules. They are delivered with  

  • Purchase contract provided by the Swedish Kennel Club
  • Registration and pedigree provided by the Swedish Kennel Club
  • Microchip Identification 
  • Vaccination DHPPi at 7 seven weeks
  • Deworming before 3,  5 and 7 weeks
  • Vaccination DHPPi at 12 weeks if delivered later
  • Health certificate, not older than 7 days

 Our puppies  has been socialised and trained for grooming. They are bathed and scissored on delivery.


Hallifax la Fayette four months

With her siblings.

You are welcome to contact us for further information about our up coming litter .


Poodles love to play!